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As one might suspect from our name, we sell electrical and electronic surplus. Surplus is hereby defined as product no longer wanted, for whatever reason, by it's original owner. This is NOT (exclusively) broken, worn-out, cannibalized, trashed product; sometimes it is product that has never been used, completed, powered up packaged or sold.

We get the majority of our goods from manufacturers, dealers, distributors and occasionally from end users. We depend on the surplus market to supply us with the product: that is, we do not conduct searches for an item nor can we "pick up the telephone and order" a specific item for you. An analogy might be to think of us as a yard sale where almost anything can (and does) show up.

All of the above said, we are a stocking distributor for NTE, Velleman, Calrad, Power-Cell battery products and Linrose Electronics, as such, we stock and replenish a representative array of their products and can special-order any products carried by THOSE COMPANIES.

We have regular sections devoted to connectors (RF, audio, power, solderless, etc), switches (toggle, pushbutton, rotary, pressure, etc), test equipment (multimeters, oscilloscopes, function generators, spectrum analyzers, TDR's, power supplies, etc), motors (AC, DC, servo, stepping, gear reduction, etc), fans (muffin, axial and centrifugal in voltages from 5VDC to 230VAC), wire (stranded, solid, shielded, coaxial, multi-conductor, etc), shrinktube in cut lengths and reels in sizes 1/16 to 4", cable ties, technican hand tools (punchdown, stripping, crimping, bending, tweezing, gripping, etc). As we get them, we also do quite a bit of business in storage bins, workbenches, 19" and 22" equipment and relay racks and accessores, cases for transport of electronic equipment and tools. And, of course, we get and don't get many strange items.